Fall Finally


This summer went on extra long this year. Here in the Northwest there should be frost on the ground on a clear morning or chilly rain falling all the time. We are still having warm afternoons and breaks in the weather that make it unclear if it is October or if it’s still August. The leaves have finally started changing color so I no longer feel in seasonal limbo. Without a cold snap the colors are less impressive, but still pretty. We have some storms flowing through. Being in a new area lets me observe differences more drastic than when we moved within a single county for the first decade and a half of our marriage. This area is flat with more likelihood for ocean winds to travel this far inland. I can say I do prefer flat mud! My daughter and I can count on too many hands the injuries muddy hills have caused us.

Right now I’m watching grey clouds skim past us. The long drive I have to go on tomorrow will be tough with all this wind, but I love wind most of the time. I often stand on my front porch just to listen. All my time out there in the quiet of a rural world has inspired a question. Would we be able to hear wind if not for trees and plants?


What do you think?

What do you love about the fall?