Redefining Cold!


Here in the Pacific Northwest cold is rather different. We can be going along, all wet and thawed out, when a sunny day occurs. Then everything, everywhere will be frozen, frosted and iced over, like a bunch of frosted flakes.

Yesterday in the middle of the afternoon, surrounded by sunlight we were freezing cold. Not even putting up fencing was warming us up. This morning we huddled by the door to at least have heat at our backs while we waited for the school bus. The kids then ran to the curb when it came around the corner. The heaters are running non-stop and the chill still teases at the edges. This is that bone chilling kind of cold that freezes your nostril hair with one breath through the nose and can give you brain freeze if you decide to breathe through your mouth.

Yes, we technically don’t know how to drive in snow around here, but I’ll get into that lovely aspect of Northwest weather later in the season. Right now everything is just cold. Actually when it is like this we can get snow easily if a weather system comes in fast. Once the cloud cover returns, like a downy blanket, the environment warms up melting the snow or just drenching it with fat warm drops of rain.

I’m frantically trying to type when I can so I can reach 50,000 words in book two of The GearMaker Legacy. Yes, I’m doing NaNoWriMo. But most the time I’m typing with my fingerless gloves on. Sheesh it’s cold!


Stay warm everyone!

When it rains it pours… Or rather It Snows!


The holidays did not go as planned for our family. Yes, that is a hospital in the photo above. The week before Christmas I wasn’t at my house. After waiting in a dark waiting room until midnight to hear about how my husband’s appendectomy went (scenarios of widowhood dancing in my head), I drove home to my wide awake and wired toddler and my exhausted teenage built-in babysitter. I fell asleep knowing I didn’t care if the kids made it to school the next morning.

Low and behold, morning came and what before my bleary eyes should appear?


But two inches of snow making retrieving my husband more difficult than before. The good thing was school was canceled. The bad thing was the entirely white and barely traveled main road we live off of. I let my now well rested toddler enjoy this new phenomenon for a moment. Then I bundled up, gathered supplies and slowly, edging inch by terrifying inch, drove my massive tank of a van through the unspoiled snow. Going down the hill was nail biting. Or would have been if I could pull my clenched fists off the steering wheel. The closer I got to the hospital, a half hour away, the less of the nasty white stuff I encountered. Finally I arrived, retrieved my husband, sans his appendix, and we made the trek home–after picking up milk since getting out of the driveway the next day was an unknown.

My husband is doing well now, better than he has in nearly a year. How much of his general poor health in the fall was the appendix sneaking up on him? This led to us changing our diet for the better. Both he and I plan to leave an entire person’s worth of our bodies behind when we leave the rental house we live in and already the new lifestyle is working.

He got a needed wake up call for his health. I got him home.

We all go through things. They dredge up our soul and leave us to put it back into a better place. If occasionally my life keeps me from charming my readers with my dulcet tones, I ask your forgiveness. This is quite the ride I’m on!

When have you found the rain turning to a downpour or… snowfall?