Paper and Ink



If I wasn’t so run down right now I know I would be feeling that flying high, toe tickling excitement that certain moments in life induce in silly humans.

Today I held a physical, paper and ink copy of my book! My cover artist did an amazing job. It is stunning! I have to tweak the formatting before the paper copy will be available to the masses…


For this week only you can get the digital version of my book for promotion prices!


Need something to read?

May you have such excitement about something in your life this week!

Really! No Joke! My book is finally out there in the world!

 The GearMaker’s Locket

By Shannon L Reagan

Mechanical prodigy, Copper Rose, discovers a locket while cleaning out her grandmother’s attic. Inside it, gears turn of their own accord. She flips it open to investigate the inner workings and is swept away to a world of airships, huge buildings and massive plant life. She becomes a reluctant guest to Bromin Shere, the cruel leader of half of the land. He claims to be a living machine and he believes she is capable of making more living machines. It’s a life she never imagined. But will she survive?

final cover


I’m so excited that conversations about the characters and story elements are already happening. Today is the first time The GearMaker’s Locket is available to the book reading, adventure loving, steampunk adoring public! I’m also excited that a between-books novella will be available in a few months!

Enjoy this story inspired by a locket belonging to my best friend and thank you for following my adventures here on this blog.

Looking for first readers.

What is a First Reader you ask?

As a first reader you get to read my books first. You get to tell me what you like and don’t like. You get to help me make my book into a publishable manuscript. You also get to tell me that the whole things stinks if that is how you feel . “Yuck” is a regular note one of my editors sends me so yuck away and also Ooo and ahhhh away! Every yuck gets edited into an ooooo because of your advice!

I need a dozen first readers for my book The GearMaker’s Locket. You get my story in three pieces. Ten chapters are ready. You just make notes and send it back to me. I then get you the next third of the book.

The benefit other than having permission to say Yuck to someone?

You get bragging rights!  You were the first one to read my book. Up to the challenge? I will also send you a copy of the published version of my books when they come out!

One thing I have learned from all these authors I have seen lately is that first readers are a must! The book has been professionally edited, revised multiple times and is ready for the final once through. Does anyone have some spare reading time on their hands? I’ve got the first ten chapters of the book right here ready to go. The next third of the book will be ready in about a month or so and the final third a month or so after that.

Email me and let me know that you are interested.

Have a wonderful week!

Shannon L Reagan