Braveness- Otherwise known as “Will I survive Black Friday?”



For Black Friday my family has always gone tree hunting. We avoid stores, all stores. Since the invention of online stores I spend any shopping time on that day clicking and waiting for it to arrive in the following week.
This year I have no choice. We need a new dryer to save money on electricity. I’ll have to figure out which place to go that will be likely to have room for me to park my extended bed 15 passenger van. I need to pay as little as possible but still get an energy star dryer. We also have a family of nine so we need to have as big as possible. My life won’t always require so many details to align right, but for now I have to use my ingenuity, do a lot of research and I have to muster a huge dollop of braveness like a glob of thick whipped cream on a pumpkin pie.

I’m just hoping I don’t get eaten alive. “Family, just muster on without me until I escape the black pit of traffic and parking insanity!” Maybe this will be the last time I have to torture myself with Black Friday shopping IN PERSON! You be brave too. We can survive such things. Right?

What do you do for Black Friday?

Just don’t get lost in all that black!

And now for something yummy!

We are using up foods that have been siting around the house, haunting us, tempting us, asking to be used. We are changing our lifestyle which includes how we eat. But this means we get to use stuff up first. The two day supply of sticky popcorn, the many different uses for pie crust mixes… and the two pudding mixes never consumed during the tonsillectomy recovery of my oldest daughter.


Not just yummy, but kind of pretty!

What fun foods have you been eating lately?


It’s the end of the world as we know it and we want pie!


Pie is one of the best things in the world. I wanted to have this Thanksgiving be an entire weekend of pie. Pot pie, veggie pie, sweet pies, fun pies… All pies. Maybe even a breakfast pie! Instead I have to be happy with a few dessert pies.

Going gluten free made pies more complicated. Thankfully there are more options than there were when I started five years ago. I was sure after how hard this last week was that none of our planned pies would happen. It made me sad.

Today I woke up to the smell of already cooked pumpkin pies. I had to duck back into my room as the pecan pie I wanted so much was carried past me by my oldest daughter. (our upstairs oven is broken. This rental has two kitchens. Even if the basement one is small it made all this possible.) Then the pumpkin pies hurried up the stairs on a tray carried by my beloved husband. I woke up to pie!

In college my friends and I changed the words to a beloved song when times were rough. If it was the end of the world as we know it what kind of pie would you want?

Happy Thanksgiving!