Pomegranates. Ooooo!

Pomegranates! Lovely jewels of loveliness!

Pomegranates! Lovely jewels of loveliness!


I was stung by a rabid, night dwelling bee on Monday night. It seems that bees and I don’t get along. I would have never known, but maybe it’s just the ones that roam this new area we live in. Monday was so busy that I didn’t make it to Costco to pick up cheese and Kleenexes, the items we needed to last until the next paycheck with dignity. Tuesday I bundled up my two year old and aching foot then headed off. (Needless to say, light sensitivity and being queasy while standing seem to be part of this fun bee reaction thing.) The GPS spouted directions in an Australian male voice (Huey is not always reliable, but he did good this time.) We were at Costco a half hour later.

Moving two hours from everything you know means that even a store like Costco or Fred Meyer that are all pretty similar still lead you to hunt things down you used to beeline for.

Already exhausted after getting the cheese and tissues I wound through the warehouse to the produce section. Thank goodness for the huge white and red signs hanging over things such as the meat or produce, like labels on a map. I picked up blueberries and grapes, steering my daughter away from the strawberries she loves that no longer are kind to her allergic prone body.

And there they were!

Like large orb-like jewels…

My daughter is allergic to some fruits because she is my daughter. I currently can’t eat more than three fruits, two which I don’t like and thus don’t eat. But these gorgeous, irresistible globes filled with small red jems are one of my favorite foods. How could I resist the seasonal return of the pomegranate? Yes, there was only enough for the cheese, the Kleenex and the toddler fruit. Pomegranates are so expensive too! I stood there looking at them, or leaned rather because my swollen foot was objecting. A flat of eight would be only $13.99. They were so large with perfect, shiny skin. I punched numbers into the calculator on my phone, sorted through the cash in my wallet, pulled up the balance in both our accounts…

The car got $20 less in gas this week!


What can’t you resist from the wealth of goodness this world provides?

When in Doubt do Hearts… and Stars!


How can I resist strawberry hearts when, for her birthday, my daughter request chocolate and vanilla swirled gluten free cake covered in whipped cream and strawberries. Of course mini chocolate chips were required. What else goes with such a collection of delectableness? Star candles!


What combinations would you put together for the irresistible fun of it?