It’s the time of year for getting Squash-ed!


Pumpkins are one of the great things in life. My family went to a pumpkin patch as part of our attempt to go on adventures. Some adventures will be close to home and some will be far away.

Saturday the sky was prone to fits and bursts of precipitation, but sunshine would break through as well. As part of teaching money skills, each child had a baggie of 8 quarters or more.

IMG_5062   IMG_5060

It was raining when we left home, but thankfully stopped as we parked. It was like the fair at a farm! You could hurl pumpkins, go through corn mazes, play different games and more, but we just wanted pumpkins.

Our first stop at the farm was the pricing examples. Each size was labeled with a price and each child determined what sizes they could get with their money. (my older ones had more money since they want to carve the pumpkins and the younger ones will only be painting theirs)


We found the closest field of large orange orbs and started our hunt.

IMG_5063 IMG_5064IMG_5065

After picking our pumpkins we paid and headed back to the van when suddenly the clouds burst out in a downpour. Once home we sat in the driveway watching the flood down the windshield and the hail attempt to attack us. Then we made a run for it.


We all had fun. Part two of the adventure will be in the next week: turning pumpkins into decorations.

Enjoy these pictures of our pumpkin adventure.

IMG_5091 IMG_5092 IMG_5094 IMG_5089 IMG_5087 IMG_5084 IMG_5072

Have a wonderful Harvest month everyone!

Insanity Days



Some days are utterly crazy. Last school year it was Tuesdays. I called them Insanity Tuesdays. I wasn’t ever home more than a half hour before I had to drag another kid to another appointment, to another activity, to another class… From speech therapy to church activities, it never failed to be Tuesday that things happened to happen.

Life ends up with so many strands to follow that it might as be a bowl of spaghetti squash. Everything gets so busy I’m not sure how I a whole month ends up passing as if it was a day. Even with all the planned appointments and meetings and trips there ends up being messes that show up to make the day more interesting. Raising seven children likely adds to the insanity for me. I do try to treasure the good moments I have with them. This next year I will go from one to three teenagers and so many preteens! Life will be full of new adventures to write about. Or are they misadventures?

During the busy times that rain down upon me, I seem to go missing from online sources. This last insanity week lasted for two! Our phone and internet was down 90% of the time which makes an obvious reason for lack of internet presence! I know everyone understands this phenomenon to a degree.

So when I am silent consider me Missing In Insanity Action, but that I will probably rescue myself and show up again with more tales to tell and fun adventures to record.

What do you call your very busy time periods?

In the beginning…

IMG_5240Born during a severe snowed in week in the Northwest while dancing the line between Chinese New years.A dragon like mom and big sister or a rabbit? Quite the beginning

What is the best beginning you have ever read, watched or heard?

A beginning can make all the difference or it can just be a place to start. We all have our own beginning. We have many beginnings throughout life. But what beginning have we seen, heard, read or watched that moved you or you related to or affected you deeper than others?

Leave a comment! I want to know what kind of beginnings are the best to everyone else.


Wow! I hadn’t realized the passage of time. We ended up moving two hours away from everything we know followed by two trips out of state in a row. Only in the last two days have I been able to sit down and think about more than the list of what needs to be done–NOW!


Two days after we moved I had the first promotional event for my book. I sold three paper copies and had a lot of interest in the e-book. I love that event filled with people being whatever they want to be; faeries, mermaids, lost boys, ogres, pirates, etc. If you can dream it, you can be it when you are in the Realm.


After that we headed out to a family reunion. My children grumbled and groused as we packed and drove. What could there possibly be to do on the Oregon Coast?! We got there as the sun was setting. They ran through the sand with joy on their faces no matter the age. This may have been the first beach experience for most of my kids. The next day they wouldn’t leave me alone until we went back out to the sandy expanse. The days went by too quickly.


Now it is time to unpack, organize and get the kids registered for school. Interestingly enough the mascots for the Jr. High and High school are the Whirlwinds and the Tornadoes. Living in the Northwest this holds no local significance. But looking back at the last few months I see my life! Spinning, spinning, spinning around me until it finally settled back down leaving me to figure out which way is up.


What has thrown your life up in the air? How did you re-balance your days afterwards?


This beautiful night flyer loved my book! Or maybe just didn’t like being disrupted by my customers.




My favorite thing about books and movies and even some electronic games is the escape. It doesn’t have to be from problems or hardship. Being fully absorbed in another world, another life, another reality can be what we need.

Sometimes I have re-entry trouble! I actually have to think about where I am and plot how to get home on routes I’ve known since I was a child! Silly maybe, but fully immersing myself into that other reality is just what I need. Thank goodness for the ability of our brains to suspend disbelief.

This weekend I went to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Wow! Just sitting there fully invested in the story and the characters was wonderful. Afterwards things in my own life clarified into distinct thoughts and ideas that I could then move forward with. What could I do about my problems even though I’m not a super hero? What have I yet to try to help my children with their struggles? Sure, a huge pile of my problems would be solved if I was as strong and capable as Captain America! But I will have to solve them, which will take longer, but it will happen. And in a few weeks maybe I can escape into another delightful movie or book again for a time. I love the storytelling arts. I always have!

What are your favorite escapes? Which kinds of movies take you away? Which genre of books absorb your thoughts?

Need an escape? Could the Captain help?



After the exciting release of my book earlier this week I realized I needed to get down to writing book two. Book two!? I only just got this one done! The minute The GearMaker’s Locket showed up on Amazon, life went tripping onward. Two, no three dashes to urgent care. Who’s next? Bills, shopping, school, scouts, 4-H, pets demanding attention and food, kids demanding attention and food, and chores, and appointments and… and…

Life is a whirlwind, a toads-wild-ride, a messy pile to be sorted endlessly. But we have moments within all that to exist. We can delight in the simple things freezing a moment or short video in our minds for later perusal. There are pleasures to absorb ourselves in (I have a rather extreme love of chocolate). Diving into a book or movie can be the best thing ever. We can live through the problems that plague someone else. Maybe our hardships look a lot nicer afterwards. Maybe the protagonist’s ability to conquer the challenges will bolster us up to greater strength as we jump back into the fray.

What is your favorite escape that keeps you going? What is your favorite story for rekindling your own flagging determination?

Post an answer in the comments and I’ll send you a free copy of Chapter 1 of The GearMaker’s Locket! Have a wonderful rest of the week.