About Shannon L Reagan

Abney Park Concert Shannon

Shannon L Reagan was raised, always bare foot, in the fertile fields and the crimson forests of Northern California. By the glow of a night light she created puppets and stories to charm her sisters to sleep. As childhood turned to adolescence, like the turning of seasons, Shannon’s family migrated north to the magic filled green of the Pacific Northwest. Her puppets and stories grew bigger and her imagination thrived in the lush countryside. Through the years Shannon followed a path to both coasts working with costumes, props and scripts for the stage then on to writing novels while caring for her unflagging children. While it is entirely possible that a posse of zombie possum are out to get her, Shannon will bring to life the stories in her mind and the characters that need a voice.

So here you have Shannon L Reagan, writer and puppet builder. If there is a story nagging her mind, she plans to tell it!

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