Who’s been waiting for Book 2?

“Chapter 1

Crimson light painted the steep forest ravine. Even my copper curls escaping from a tight black cap appeared the same bloody hue as the sliver of red moon. The eerie light made it harder to fasten my eyes on details. I knew the camp of Bromin’s soldiers was ahead of me, but only because I had successfully passed through the energy barrier. I didn’t have much time before the blue moon rose exposing my presence in the revealing crisp light. I crept from shadow to shadow until finally a row of square tents came into view.

Someone snorted and I paused beside a patch of bramble. The rattle of a man’s snores resumed as did my breathing. I slipped past the thorny branches and around the slumbering outpost. I kept to the thicker stretch of trees along the edges of the deep gorge. The sides were steep enough to keep average intruders out or even to topple them in. I was not an average intruder though. The cache of weapons was on the far side of the encampment next to the back cliff wall. What I needed had to be there.

Fingering the straps of my leather pack, my mind drifted to how uncanny my life had become. Only a year before I had been a human on Earth. Now I was a GearMaker in a land of living robots and mechanically inclined people who in ancient times gave life to those robots.

The light, still tricking my eyes, fell on a large cube. It was shining red though I suspected in normal light it was the silver sheen of metal. Trees hugged the warehouse masking it’s massive size. A guard stood outside the double doors, a laser gun clasped firmly in front of him. His heavy brows gave him a menacing look.

I grinned.”


The GearMade Ultimatum Book 2 of the GearMaker Legacy. Check out the kindle or paper copy of The GearMaker’s Locket Book 1 at Amazon!


The GearMade Ultimatum coming in 2018!

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