It’s been Awhile!

There are reasons it’s been awhile. The biggest one is that I was not able to tell if anyone was reading my posts. According to my stats only spam bots were responding and viewing anything. I’m changing the purpose of this blog. I’m not just a writer. I’m not just a puppet artist. I’m not only one thing at a time. I’m me all the time in all my variety of characteristics and passions. This is my everything blog now. I may talk about puppets. I may talk about books. I may talk about what is like to raise special need kids. I may even talk about what is like to live with invisible disabilities. I want to encourage conversations that are safe, supportive and interesting. I am autodidactic. This means I’m always learning, always seeking knowledge. I am always sharing what I learn, too.

So! Here I am in all my ME! Shannon Reagan, the puppet building, modern film learning, book writing, EDS fighting, mother of seven with all my flaws and amazing stuff, too!IMG_9118

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