Right now I deal with piles of things. I’m making piles of puppets. I am revising piles of words. I always have piles of laundry and dishes to deal with. Someday I hope to have the piles of clutter gone, too. 

Such fun! At least I’m busy. 


Wild Ride!

Seventeen months ago I moved to Olympia, WA. I’ve lived in the Northwest since I was nine, but nearly all of that was in Snohomish County nearly two hours away from where we are now.

There was a large window of adjustment to the new place because we didn’t know where anything was or have any friends here. What I never expected was that this is where I need to be. 

The opportunities for my writing and puppets have taken off so fast that I never seem to get a chance to catch my breath. While it is daunting, it’s thoroughly exciting. 

I’m running a puppet track for a sci-fi fantasy con. I’m doing piecework for an amazing single mother running her own small business. One of my huge puppets has been in a musical and is being requested for yet another performance in the area. My small puppets are selling and are even in the local mall for the month of December. 


The group of writers I’ve met have become such a support for the writing of new works and for the promotion of my existing work. I have a line of Children’s books I’ve started writing under the name Ilona Dunn. Book 2 of Thd GearMaker’s Locket will be published in 2016. 

I sit here wondering if I will recognize my life in a year. 

I’m back to writing my blog so you can follow me on my journey.