Reading and Watching Funk


I’ve experienced a weird phenomenon since April 1st or perhaps a few days earlier than that. I can’t find books or shows or even movies that really are satisfying. Nothing inspires me enough to pull me out of my funk. I’m just restless.

Granted I did have the kids finish school, move two hours away from everything I know, go to Oregon to vend my puppets and promote my book then turn around and go back to Oregon for a family reunion on the beach. Now I’m trying to unpack and get caught up on everything, but still nothing quite satisfies or helps me feel balanced. There is such a stack of books,TV show episodes, and movies that I have in my list of things to finally get to, but even they have not been enough.

Have you ever felt this way?

Add to that my inability to write much of anything for book two of my novel or any of my other books and this may be the biggest funk I’ve been in ever!


This last week I tried another book, but it was too dark for how I feel lately. Moving so far from things I know, I am a bit lost and frustrated. I miss people and routines I’m used to. I drive on roads I have never been on before and don’t understand any directions people give me. (thank goodness for smart phones and GPS!)

I love our new place and am learning roads and meeting people so that frustration will ease with time, but the lost feeling is similar to when I left the West Coast for the first time ever and flew all the way to New England the summer before my college senior year. I had an internship that was required for graduation. I managed to get something like no one had before that allowed me to travel and work with artists from New York who loved the summer theatre in New Hampshire where some got their start. It was an incredible experience and I went back for two more summers, the last two of the very old theatre’s life. So I know this lost feeling will also ease with time.


A few days ago I skimmed through my kindle reader, swishing book cover thumbnail images up and down.

Hmmm… What can I read? That? No. That? No way! This?

There it was! It was something that wasn’t dark. It was something that wasn’t going to rip up my emotions. So, yes, I’m part way through book one of The Anne Of Green Gables series! I love the movies. I love the books, but I haven’t read them in ages. Maybe when I’m done I’ll re-watch the movies too. The are eleven books in the e-book collection I got about a year ago so this should fill my spare moments for awhile, perhaps for long enough to get through this funk.

Hopefully the funk ends before new episodes of Doctor Who are available. Definitely I need this funk to end before the next three deliciously enticing episodes of Sherlock! What will I do if I’m not over this funk before the last installment of The Hobbit!?!? (Yes, this warrants multiply exclamations mixed with question marks.)

What do you read when you are in a funk? What do you watch to get out of frustrating gunk?

Comment and share your helpful ideas!



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3 thoughts on “Reading and Watching Funk

  1. malindalou says:

    The best way I’ve found to break out of a funk is to pick one task and complete it. It doesn’t matter what it is, so long as it is
    somewhat productive or useful. Minds can suffer from inertia just like physical bodies and objects can. The best way to break out from it is to do something, even if it is small or feels odd at the time. šŸ™‚

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