My favorite thing about books and movies and even some electronic games is the escape. It doesn’t have to be from problems or hardship. Being fully absorbed in another world, another life, another reality can be what we need.

Sometimes I have re-entry trouble! I actually have to think about where I am and plot how to get home on routes I’ve known since I was a child! Silly maybe, but fully immersing myself into that other reality is just what I need. Thank goodness for the ability of our brains to suspend disbelief.

This weekend I went to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Wow! Just sitting there fully invested in the story and the characters was wonderful. Afterwards things in my own life clarified into distinct thoughts and ideas that I could then move forward with. What could I do about my problems even though I’m not a super hero? What have I yet to try to help my children with their struggles? Sure, a huge pile of my problems would be solved if I was as strong and capable as Captain America! But I will have to solve them, which will take longer, but it will happen. And in a few weeks maybe I can escape into another delightful movie or book again for a time. I love the storytelling arts. I always have!

What are your favorite escapes? Which kinds of movies take you away? Which genre of books absorb your thoughts?

Need an escape? Could the Captain help?

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