After the exciting release of my book earlier this week I realized I needed to get down to writing book two. Book two!? I only just got this one done! The minute The GearMaker’s Locket showed up on Amazon, life went tripping onward. Two, no three dashes to urgent care. Who’s next? Bills, shopping, school, scouts, 4-H, pets demanding attention and food, kids demanding attention and food, and chores, and appointments and… and…

Life is a whirlwind, a toads-wild-ride, a messy pile to be sorted endlessly. But we have moments within all that to exist. We can delight in the simple things freezing a moment or short video in our minds for later perusal. There are pleasures to absorb ourselves in (I have a rather extreme love of chocolate). Diving into a book or movie can be the best thing ever. We can live through the problems that plague someone else. Maybe our hardships look a lot nicer afterwards. Maybe the protagonist’s ability to conquer the challenges will bolster us up to greater strength as we jump back into the fray.

What is your favorite escape that keeps you going? What is your favorite story for rekindling your own flagging determination?

Post an answer in the comments and I’ll send you a free copy of Chapter 1 of The GearMaker’s Locket! Have a wonderful rest of the week.

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