Geek Girl


Well. Here it is. The straight up truth. I am a geek girl. I love Farscape, Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and of course I always can use some Doctor Who(especially David Tennant style!). Give me the Marvel super heroes and my week is complete. Each Hobbit movie was already listed on my calendar a year before the first one came out. I love Veronica Mars and the deeply intelligent writing for West Wing! Yes Geek Girls are smart AND sassy. It doesn’t matter that I have a heap of children and even a teenager. I’m still a Geek Girl! Of course this means I have geek children too!


Then of course there is books to geek out about! Hunger Games, Tolkien, Patricia Briggs(can’t get enough of Mercy!), The Iron Fey… The list goes on and on. We talk about them with excitement and passion. Geeks love their movies, their books and their events. In this day of Memes we can show exactly which characters hold us captive. Being a geek is a positive. Having things you love gives you things to talk about. We have cable channels catered directly to us like the Sci-Fi channel. We have events spanning the world, covering nearly every weekend of the year. I live all year for FaerieWorlds. Now FaerieCon West will be my February destination! To dress up and escape, be someone else… Ah. The joys of being a Geek Girl.

Who are your favorite characters? What is your favorite world? What turns you into a geek?


Leave a comment. Lets start a conversation. What makes you a geek?




My favorite thing about books and movies and even some electronic games is the escape. It doesn’t have to be from problems or hardship. Being fully absorbed in another world, another life, another reality can be what we need.

Sometimes I have re-entry trouble! I actually have to think about where I am and plot how to get home on routes I’ve known since I was a child! Silly maybe, but fully immersing myself into that other reality is just what I need. Thank goodness for the ability of our brains to suspend disbelief.

This weekend I went to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Wow! Just sitting there fully invested in the story and the characters was wonderful. Afterwards things in my own life clarified into distinct thoughts and ideas that I could then move forward with. What could I do about my problems even though I’m not a super hero? What have I yet to try to help my children with their struggles? Sure, a huge pile of my problems would be solved if I was as strong and capable as Captain America! But I will have to solve them, which will take longer, but it will happen. And in a few weeks maybe I can escape into another delightful movie or book again for a time. I love the storytelling arts. I always have!

What are your favorite escapes? Which kinds of movies take you away? Which genre of books absorb your thoughts?

Need an escape? Could the Captain help?



After the exciting release of my book earlier this week I realized I needed to get down to writing book two. Book two!? I only just got this one done! The minute The GearMaker’s Locket showed up on Amazon, life went tripping onward. Two, no three dashes to urgent care. Who’s next? Bills, shopping, school, scouts, 4-H, pets demanding attention and food, kids demanding attention and food, and chores, and appointments and… and…

Life is a whirlwind, a toads-wild-ride, a messy pile to be sorted endlessly. But we have moments within all that to exist. We can delight in the simple things freezing a moment or short video in our minds for later perusal. There are pleasures to absorb ourselves in (I have a rather extreme love of chocolate). Diving into a book or movie can be the best thing ever. We can live through the problems that plague someone else. Maybe our hardships look a lot nicer afterwards. Maybe the protagonist’s ability to conquer the challenges will bolster us up to greater strength as we jump back into the fray.

What is your favorite escape that keeps you going? What is your favorite story for rekindling your own flagging determination?

Post an answer in the comments and I’ll send you a free copy of Chapter 1 of The GearMaker’s Locket! Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Really! No Joke! My book is finally out there in the world!

 The GearMaker’s Locket

By Shannon L Reagan

Mechanical prodigy, Copper Rose, discovers a locket while cleaning out her grandmother’s attic. Inside it, gears turn of their own accord. She flips it open to investigate the inner workings and is swept away to a world of airships, huge buildings and massive plant life. She becomes a reluctant guest to Bromin Shere, the cruel leader of half of the land. He claims to be a living machine and he believes she is capable of making more living machines. It’s a life she never imagined. But will she survive?

final cover


I’m so excited that conversations about the characters and story elements are already happening. Today is the first time The GearMaker’s Locket is available to the book reading, adventure loving, steampunk adoring public! I’m also excited that a between-books novella will be available in a few months!

Enjoy this story inspired by a locket belonging to my best friend and thank you for following my adventures here on this blog.