Perception- Big? Small? or Upside down!


Hah! Is one of them big? Or is one of them small? Or is it both?

We observe the world through all our senses; touch, smell, sight, taste. Even the reactions we have from thoughts to the swelling or shrinking of our hearts is totally our own experience. From the first moment we see light our perceptions begin. What is really cool is that we all see things in a completely unique way!

I got to my car the other day to find the funniest sight. Now when I say car that is a general statement. Is a big white tank of a van really a car? I love my vehicle, but other people cannot fathom driving such a long, long, oh yeah… long van. I could fit a small country inside. The back end is often in another county! Well. Maybe I’m exaggerating–a little.


Which is bigger?

Do you ever see faces in houses or vehicles? I sometimes think cars have personalities. Looking at this matchbox car next to a tank sure makes them seem like characters. What is interesting is that what I perceive is most likely different than the thoughts and feelings this same situation elicits from you. This is what we deal with when it comes to books and movies, social life, religion, political scenarios and every day life situations. In books we each have a unique experience with a character, their problems, and the resolution. Even what a character looks like varies because of our individual view of people. Every bit of life is totally unique for each of us.


Turn it around. The difference isn’t that big… is it?

I wouldn’t want our world any other way. It is richer because we each see the world differently. We can have deep discussions about our perspectives or laugh at the differences. Who knows? You might change my world and my outlook just by sharing your unique view of the world.

Which vehicle would you prefer? Or maybe it would be fun to try them both.

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