Pacing back and forth, settling on nothing, everything interesting but not quite enough… enough…

Have you ever felt this way? I’m recovering from the flu and a week of sleepless nights up with sick children. I can’t seem to stick to any one activity. I want a bowl of ice cream, but we don’t have any. I want chocolate chip cookies, but I would have to make them. That isn’t easy with a gluten free diet–oh and no chocolate chips.

Spinning your wheels. Waiting, waiting, waiting for the loading to finish. Ahk. Not again. The streaming quits stuck in a loading bar that is empty… empty… empty…

What do you do to get out of such a rut? I’m taking the hurry-up-and-wait-while-my-body-recoups route. It is actually starting to work, but still, it takes time.

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