Goats in Cloaks

We have milking goats. The first babies of the season were born this last week! In the next few weeks I will learn how to attach video (Yes, I am technologically challenged.) For now enjoy cuteness through photos!

IMG_0960 This is Booster. I love his blue eyes!

Last night we made the kids coats. It was like pinning Elven Cloaks on Hobbits! Aren’t these boys stunning?

IMG_0965Meet Rocket. (His brother is Booster)

IMG_0885Poor little Bilbo was so tiny he could sit on the edge of a shoe box.


Meet Booster, Boomer and Curly

I understand if you need to get a drink of water to deal with the sweetness!

IMG_0982Kids and Kids

Spring must be on the way ’cause baby goats are here to play!

I hope we were able to give you a smile or two.

One thought on “Goats in Cloaks

  1. malindalou says:

    Adorbs!!! Thank you so much for sharing. đŸ˜€

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