Perception- Big? Small? or Upside down!


Hah! Is one of them big? Or is one of them small? Or is it both?

We observe the world through all our senses; touch, smell, sight, taste. Even the reactions we have from thoughts to the swelling or shrinking of our hearts is totally our own experience. From the first moment we see light our perceptions begin. What is really cool is that we all see things in a completely unique way!

I got to my car the other day to find the funniest sight. Now when I say car that is a general statement. Is a big white tank of a van really a car? I love my vehicle, but other people cannot fathom driving such a long, long, oh yeah… long van. I could fit a small country inside. The back end is often in another county! Well. Maybe I’m exaggerating–a little.


Which is bigger?

Do you ever see faces in houses or vehicles? I sometimes think cars have personalities. Looking at this matchbox car next to a tank sure makes them seem like characters. What is interesting is that what I perceive is most likely different than the thoughts and feelings this same situation elicits from you. This is what we deal with when it comes to books and movies, social life, religion, political scenarios and every day life situations. In books we each have a unique experience with a character, their problems, and the resolution. Even what a character looks like varies because of our individual view of people. Every bit of life is totally unique for each of us.


Turn it around. The difference isn’t that big… is it?

I wouldn’t want our world any other way. It is richer because we each see the world differently. We can have deep discussions about our perspectives or laugh at the differences. Who knows? You might change my world and my outlook just by sharing your unique view of the world.

Which vehicle would you prefer? Or maybe it would be fun to try them both.





Pacing back and forth, settling on nothing, everything interesting but not quite enough… enough…

Have you ever felt this way? I’m recovering from the flu and a week of sleepless nights up with sick children. I can’t seem to stick to any one activity. I want a bowl of ice cream, but we don’t have any. I want chocolate chip cookies, but I would have to make them. That isn’t easy with a gluten free diet–oh and no chocolate chips.

Spinning your wheels. Waiting, waiting, waiting for the loading to finish. Ahk. Not again. The streaming quits stuck in a loading bar that is empty… empty… empty…

What do you do to get out of such a rut? I’m taking the hurry-up-and-wait-while-my-body-recoups route. It is actually starting to work, but still, it takes time.

When it rains it pours… Or rather It Snows!


The holidays did not go as planned for our family. Yes, that is a hospital in the photo above. The week before Christmas I wasn’t at my house. After waiting in a dark waiting room until midnight to hear about how my husband’s appendectomy went (scenarios of widowhood dancing in my head), I drove home to my wide awake and wired toddler and my exhausted teenage built-in babysitter. I fell asleep knowing I didn’t care if the kids made it to school the next morning.

Low and behold, morning came and what before my bleary eyes should appear?


But two inches of snow making retrieving my husband more difficult than before. The good thing was school was canceled. The bad thing was the entirely white and barely traveled main road we live off of. I let my now well rested toddler enjoy this new phenomenon for a moment. Then I bundled up, gathered supplies and slowly, edging inch by terrifying inch, drove my massive tank of a van through the unspoiled snow. Going down the hill was nail biting. Or would have been if I could pull my clenched fists off the steering wheel. The closer I got to the hospital, a half hour away, the less of the nasty white stuff I encountered. Finally I arrived, retrieved my husband, sans his appendix, and we made the trek home–after picking up milk since getting out of the driveway the next day was an unknown.

My husband is doing well now, better than he has in nearly a year. How much of his general poor health in the fall was the appendix sneaking up on him? This led to us changing our diet for the better. Both he and I plan to leave an entire person’s worth of our bodies behind when we leave the rental house we live in and already the new lifestyle is working.

He got a needed wake up call for his health. I got him home.

We all go through things. They dredge up our soul and leave us to put it back into a better place. If occasionally my life keeps me from charming my readers with my dulcet tones, I ask your forgiveness. This is quite the ride I’m on!

When have you found the rain turning to a downpour or… snowfall?

Goats in Cloaks

We have milking goats. The first babies of the season were born this last week! In the next few weeks I will learn how to attach video (Yes, I am technologically challenged.) For now enjoy cuteness through photos!

IMG_0960 This is Booster. I love his blue eyes!

Last night we made the kids coats. It was like pinning Elven Cloaks on Hobbits! Aren’t these boys stunning?

IMG_0965Meet Rocket. (His brother is Booster)

IMG_0885Poor little Bilbo was so tiny he could sit on the edge of a shoe box.


Meet Booster, Boomer and Curly

I understand if you need to get a drink of water to deal with the sweetness!

IMG_0982Kids and Kids

Spring must be on the way ’cause baby goats are here to play!

I hope we were able to give you a smile or two.