Costume: Bad Case of the Stripes

This week is Halloween! During the weekend many groups already had harvest and haunting fun. We participated in a Halloween chili cook off, trick-or-treat and activities at church. We haven’t done something like that for years because of the types of allergies in our family that made it hard to control the foods. We make sure we have fun. We watch movies and make safe treats. Halloween doesn’t necessarily cooperate with convenient days in the calendar so we can keep it small for a school night or do something bigger for a weekend.


My Sweet witch

I have a favorite Halloween movie that I haven’t gotten to watch for years. My oldest child found it disturbing when she was little and hasn’t liked it since, but really, who wouldn’t like Jack Skelington?

The past few years there are a ton of remakes of old horror and scary films. Obviously they are favorite thrillers if people go to the effort to make then anew for our modern generations. I like the ones that are fun and interesting. I have a weakness for the stop motion films since I’m a puppet artist. I bought Coraline before we moved so it’s still missing in the unpacked boxes. Maybe I can find it before Thursday!

What is your favorite scary movie? What do you do on Halloween? What ever you do have wonderful, safe fun!


Tip your hats for Halloween!

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