Genre- What are your favorite books?


Mysteries? Romance? Fantasy? Science Fiction? Cook books? Instructional books? YA? Middle Grade? Inspirational?

Add to my list! So many genre’s out there! So many writers to write them. Even more readers to read them! BOOKS!

Did you know that a fantasy set in an urban world is an urban fantasy, but technically if it’s written about someone in the rural environment that it would be a rural fantasy? Or a suburb fantasy? A metro fantasy? An agricultural fantasy? This could get fun labeling the possibilities.


Give me the name of a genre or sub-genre you like and I will list it here!



Science Fiction


Young Adult

Middle Grade


Bizarro fiction is a contemporary literary genre, which often uses elements of absurdism, satire, and the grotesque, along with pop-surrealism and genre fiction staples, in order to create subversive works that are as weird and entertaining as possible. (Thank you Jon Jefferson)


One thought on “Genre- What are your favorite books?

  1. The new one I just learned, bizarro.

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