Loss vs Potential Loss

mirishana 6th

    Today our dogs got out. We searched all over and couldn’t find them. Imagining the worst we went to school, running home between classes in case they came home. Finally on the third trip home I called out their names, sadness weighing me down and the possible loss hanging over my head. I called out again and our small dog, a smile on her silly face, came running towards me from the neighbors house. Sure enough our big dog was close behind. We’ve had our little dog for eight years. Our pets are members of our family. I locked them up and hurried back to the school so I could give my daughter a thumbs up through her classroom door. I can’t imagine she could concentrate with the fear and worry for her canine friends.

This had me thinking about Loss verses Potential Loss. My main character is facing the possibility of losing a loved one in the chapter I am currently revising. I spent the morning considering what do to if the loss of either of our dogs occurred. We are human. How could we not imagine the worst, but pray for the best? When we experience loss we mourn, we come to a place of acceptance and keep going.(at least we hope to do that much) If the loss is something that might happen, if we don’t know if or when the loss will be definite, we can get stuck in a horrible place of fear, anxiety, premature sorrow…


My character actually ends up having the potential loss end well only to discover another loss is eminent. We read books with both these situation all the time. We can feel for the characters because our dog did run away a time or two, a friend did quit being our friend, a person beloved to us did pass away. My heart goes out to anyone that is currently experiencing a loss. Which do you think is worse? Maybe both are just as bad. What is your experience? What did you feel when you didn’t end up having to mourn?

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