Summer has faded away into high speed winds, rainbows in the rain and the need for cozy blankets and sweaters. Dragonflies, one of my favorite friends of summer, will have to wait to visit again until next year. They have been giving their final goodbyes to us on these sunny days that have been showing up in the middle of the fall weather.

Dragonflies like the one above were all over my wedding. I had pretty, little white dragonflies on my dress and veil. The colored ones were sticking out of the center pieces and dancing across the cake. I have always loved this particular sophisticated bug.

In July of 2009 the Northwest was enduring record triple-digit temperatures. I was trying to be a vendor for the first time at a faerie event a state away. We were all way too hot, nothing seems to be going right and I didn’t know if I would even get to go. A few days before leaving my father nearly died, but got to the hospital before he had a heart attack. They did surgery and he was able to meet me in my driveway the night before I was supposed to leave with a box full of turned-wood fairy tops he’d made for me to take. He couldn’t get out of the car and looked weak, but I now knew I could go because he was safe.

Still the heat persisted. I couldn’t fit things in the car so we were trying to change the plans. I needed to take the big van that hadn’t had a tune up or oil change in preparation for the 7 hour drive. I sewed my finger trying to get one more product made. I was sure I wouldn’t be leaving in the morning. We all gave up loading the van and took a break. I wanted to try being a vendor to share my art with others. I wanted to jump into the new adventure, but I couldn’t find the will power as I stood looking through my open front door to the trees outside.

Sigh… But then a dragonfly, fat and purple, zipped into my house, stopped right in front of my face and looked at me. We considered each other for a moment before he turned and sped back into the sweltering evening air. I suddenly knew I could do it. I knew that we would get things packed into the van as the evening air cooled us. I would load up my two kids that were joining me and we would be headed to the glorious state of Oregon in no time. FaerieWorlds here we come! The following night, sleeping in a field I thought about that dragonfly. It had reminded me to pause and not give up. I’ve had some of the most magical experiences of my life in that same field each summer since. We are visited by dragonflies while we’re there in the Faerie Realm, but none have had quite the impact as my little friend who visited my entry that hot night.

I love dragonflies!

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