Seeing Magic in our Lives

  We can see magic wherever we choose to, be it the fairies that skimmed by unseen or magic that flowed from the earth to brighten our lives. The magic of a spider web sprinkled with dew or the magic of flour, sugar, water and eggs turning into those magical childhood treats called cookies, we are surrounded by magic of the mind, heart and world, if we so choose to see it this way.

 IMG_6458 A gnome hiding in a local park.

The smile of my now one year old daughter has been magic since I first saw it a year and a half ago. Her color changing eyes smile too, as little sideways half moons. My oldest son has those same eyes. Waking up every morning to this little girl’s smile of utter joy has changed me, shown me magic.

IMG_8509That smile!

    The amazing fog-affected frost our region experienced last year was magic. I wish I’d been able to get a picture. It took me a week to figure it out and each outing I happened to forget my camera. (I don’t yet have a fancy phone with a good camera quite yet.) The fog, thick with moisture, would hit the cold leaves and twigs only to freeze into ice drops. As another bank of the week long fog drifted by, another layer of ice clung to the previous creating ethereal, unreal looks to all the abundant plant life of the Northwest.

I have even found magic in the amusement of having my Egyptian Fayumi chickens climb up two stories to my master bedroom deck. Incidentally they are named Meep and Fay. (Some of you may know the significance of this. If you don’t… Keep reading in the future.)

Where do you find magic? What wonderful thing in this world amaze you and bring you joy? Let me know what you find magic in.

IMG_4907Icicles the week our Fairy Changling was born.

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