Be Unique

ImageBe unique no matter the risk. Embrace who you are and rejoice in your existence. This world would not be what it is without you. Every one of us touches the lives around us. We can lift a person from deep despair or throw them to the darkest of pits with the simplest of words or actions. Such power we have as living beings.

This is a real deer in this picture. She lives near our home. I saw her more recently with the same brown deer as before, but also with a small deer with the same coloring on her back end. I suspect the brown one is the mother of both. But the unique bigger sister can change the world of her unique baby sibling. They both will have a tougher life. Will their lives be at risk for being what they are? Staying together will give the younger deer another being similar, but different. They can look after each other as all unique beings can.

Anything could happen, but there she is, wandering through my yard, past my goats and dogs. My llamas just didn’t know what to think. To me she is beautiful. To me all lives are so very different and special.

We have all felt alone, dejected, so different we didn’t know how to take another step. But we did. We still do take more steps every day. We make full hikes past the point where we didn’t know where to go. Something kept us going. Something gave us direction. Something led us to be ourselves.

What inspires you to be yourself? Or who? Your unique and I would love to hear what makes you that way.

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