I would like you to meet my friend Mowquin of the Fae.

He lives in the lush swamps of the Other Realm. Throughout the ages he taught young fae about magic and encouraged respect of all life; fae or human. Soft spoken, yet strong, Mowquin towers over most beings at about 7 feet tall. You are unlikely to notice him despite his size because of his command of the fae arts, but he often doesn’t leave his home because of his inability to blend into the human realm like so many other fae. It is possible he wore a broad rimmed hat while crossing the Puget Sound on a ferry last year. Many people looked twice, but thought they might be in the presence of a basketball star trying to go incognito.

Mowquin 2

Very few humans know about Mowquin, but it’s my wish that someday he gets his moment in the spotlight.

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