The thing about plants is we take for granted that they will grow fine. This poor pumpkin! It was under part of the plant so I unearthed it. It grew a bit more and hardened up. It is still sitting here attached to the plant. It has some time to get bigger than a deformed tennis ball if the weather cooperates. I guess we’ll see!

It makes me think about perseverance. We all have to develop that trait. There are many times we sink low and give up, but after a few minutes of misery we pull ourselves back up, we keep growing. Whatever you’re going through right now, you can persevere through. Just persevering will mean that you have succeeded no matter what the outcome. In that part of your life you won… like a little pumpkin that had so much against it.

One thought on “Pumpkin!

  1. Ouisa says:

    Beautiful metaphor

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