A good storm gets my soul moving. I feel energized and ready to create a whole universe overnight. The flashes across the sky, the deep throated roll shaking the land… Is there anything else quite like it?

The Northwest just experienced a week of this kind of weather. The sky would light up, a rumble would sound then a patter of drops would descend with a crescendo of sound to a downpour of fat raindrops soaking the land. The heady petrichor of earth drinking in the summer rain would fill the air. We sometimes get this weather, but to have bits of it for a whole week was unusual. It resulted in a humidity level we are certainly not used to and fireworks that outdo the Space Needle on the 4th of July.

When I did my college internship at a summer stock theatre in New England I got to experience these invigorating storms on a regular basis. I returned to the theatre for two additional summers because of how glorious everything was in New England. The storms would come off the ocean (which, incidentally they keep on the wrong side… according to this West Coast girl’s sense of direction.) The dark line would travel across the sky towards the beach-side stomping grounds of the theatre workers. Theatres, especially one as old as The Hampton Playhouse was, have an electric energy all their own, but then a storm would roll in. The Hampton Playhouse was very old and very deep with the magic of years of performances. I have felt no magic so extreme since.

Our dog, incidentally named Raine, has a very different opinion about thunder and lightning. She goes frantic. Bouncing, bouncing… bark, bark, bark. A bit of a yip and whining. She wants to protect us from the big bad BOOM that she can’t find the source of. Needless to say, the 4th of July has the same effect.

Raine was born on a stormy August night about 8 years ago. Her brothers’ names were Thunder, Thor and Monsoon. Fun bouncy papillions dancing in the storm.

Invigorating bolts tossed down from the sky. Electrical inspiration seared into our vision. The heartbeat of the sky… of the earth.

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