Dragons as Pets?

  Purple fringe dragon

  I have loved dragons since I was little. Who wouldn’t want a pet dragon? By the time I was twelve years old I was able to make a dragon to be my pet, a three foot long, chubby blue dragon puppet with a four foot wing span. I call him Blue Jewel. He still lives with me, safely tucked away from my children since he is now so old and fragile. The blue of his back is a patchwork of scraps of the same fabric pieced together to be big enough. The wings got to be so big because my mom was watching the progress of my project and saw how serious I was about it. She picked up some remnants from the fabric store which were so much bigger than any scraps I could glean from her stash or sewing room garbage. Since then I have made small dragons that can sit on my shoulder and a six foot dragon puppet. I love my dragons.
In reality having a pet dragon would be full of complications and risks… as we saw in How to Train Your Dragon and Harry Potter. Hagrid living in a wood house, with a fire breathing pet dragon? We all know how that would have gone had the dragon not been taken to a new home!
Assuming a certain amount of intelligence, we could train our dragons. We then encounter a different problem. The reason horses don’t run away, attack us or throw us off is because they aren’t smart enough to know their own strength. If dragons were too intelligent we would be in trouble. It’s a well thought out idea that has been presented in many shows and stories that having living dinosaurs as big as our houses would definitely lead to a different society than we have now.
In The Unicorn Chronicles we encounter several dragons. They each picked a different home. Warnings were given to the protagonists about how to deal with the dragons. There is a definite chance the dragons will just eat them up, but they have to get answers from those dragons to save the world.
We’ve been able to observe the possibilities of dragons in our lives through books, movies and stories throughout time. What do you think would happen? Would you consider one as a pet or approaching one to help you? Do you love dragons?

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