What Speaks to your Soul?

What speaks to your soul? What summons the very depths of your self? What do you do when the the stirring of your soul calls to you asking you to rise up and do or be?

You must at least listen to what stirs your soul. In following the call of your soul you enrich your life and the lives around you in ways you never could have imagined. The fight to achieve your heart’s desire makes you stronger and shows you who really is there for you. It’s an amazing journey.

As I reach for my dreams my children have been inspired to try new things. They join me on my adventures and get excited to see what I will do next, what we will do next. In turn I follow them and help them to do the things they want to. The older they get the more exciting the adventure is. My husband is part of this journey as well! He too is now trying to reach his dreams and to watch and help the children and myself as we reach for our dreams. He is an amazing man that believes in me, supports me and walks with me hand in hand.

I recently found something that speaks so strongly to my soul. I know it is not possible to pursue it for many, many years but just knowing it is a concrete way to fulfill a dream that previously didn’t have such strong direction is helpful. What is amazing is that in achieving this new facet of my dreams I will enrich everything in my life and further inspire those around me. So five years… ten years… fifteen years down the road I have goals to reach. Months from now and even days from now I have other goals. Each goal I succeed at that speaks to my soul will take me a step closer and closer to where I want to be in life.

Right now I am swimming through several other things that speak to my soul. I am pouring my stories into my little macbook air. I’m rejoicing in each word that lines up well with the next one. Oh, it is not easy, but is a task your soul demands of you ever easy? Each story changes me. Each chapter is a new part of an adventure. Words! They lace together and become a world. It was very different writing for the stage. I didn’t have to work at descriptions and emotion. That was the actors job. And it was magic. Stage is the coming together of people to tell a story in a way only they can share it. Putting a book out into the world is a coming together of words in a way that only those words can tell it. My soul is stronger and wiser for this journey.

Find what speaks to your soul. Find what makes your heart burn with the need to act. Follow it… share it with those you love and then we will all have a more amazing journey.